Our Story

About Flying mammal coffee

Flying Mammal was born to save coffee communities and nature. 

Our journey started in 2016 after the founder of Flying Mammal Coffee, Scott, visited a coffee plantation in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda. Scott is a conservation ecologist with a passion for good tasting coffee.

He realised the importance of the coffee industry in the region, and how local communities relied on coffee plantations to survive. In turn, the farms helped to protect vital habitats for wildlife species, such as Mountain Gorillas and birdlife.

We noticed one species was more important to most in helping balance the environment in each of these locations.

Bats – natures natural pesticide. The worlds only true flying mammal. These bats gave birth to our brand name.

Upon returning to the UK, Scott with support from his wife Claire, set about supporting these communities and wildlife.

Working closely with coffee farmers in Africa, Asia and South America – a long 3-year journey started in sourcing the perfect sustainable coffee beans for producing great tasting coffee.

In 2020, Flying Mammal Coffee joined forces with Scott Latham Photography to help continue and further support coffee communities throughout the world, through visual story telling and videography.

The purpose remains in supporting communities and habitats with over 80% of our development costs going directly to protecting nature and to local communities farming coffee.