A mild and easy to drink Brazilian coffee from the rainforests of Cerrado Minas Gerais with a well-balanced flavour.




Brazilian Coffee

Vesper is a beautiful coffee from the famous Brazilian coffee region of Cerrado Minas Gerais.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and sets standards for the quality of growing, harvesting and processing of amazing coffee beans.

A naturally processed coffee, Vesper delivers a smooth mild drink with a nutty underlying tone.

About Vesper Bats

Vesper bats, also known as the evening bat, is a large family of bats numbering more than 400 species.

They are found worldwide their habitats range from tropical forest to desert. These species are commonly found over the coffee farms of our Brazilian Coffee.

Find out more about Vepers.

Our Coffee Ethos

Over the past 3 years, we worked with local coffee plantations in Brazil to source the perfect single bean coffee.

Over 80% of your coffee costs go directly to protecting nature, habitats and to local communities farming coffee in Indonesian Sumatra.

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