Dusk & Dawn

A big full-bodied dark roast coffee with a naturally strong flavour and a muted acidity. A real wake up blend.




Dark Roast Coffee

A full-bodied smooth dark roast coffee without bitterness and with a hint of caramel notes and dark chocolate.

We started the blend design with a Brazilian coffee which is a great base and a beautiful bean on its own. Brazil is smooth and mellow with a good sweetness and notes of chocolate.

To complement we added a coffee from El Salvador which added the juicy sweetness and delicious notes of caramel.

Finally, to calm the acidity and to add even more depth to the body we used a specially aged Malabar coffee from India. Also known as a monsoon coffee, due to been exposed to monsoon winds for about six weeks. This special process makes it very unique in flavour and adds a huge body.

The result is a coffee with lots of body, a beautiful sweetness and not too much acidity.

Roasted so it is close to the ‘roasty’ flavour without being burnt making the coffee stronger, it has a richer body.

If you like strong coffee then you will love our dark roast blend this.

Limited Edition Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee can be our little secret!

Specially formulated for ecologists and bat workers. You will not find it on our store pages.

Our Coffee Ethos

Over the past 3 years, we worked with local coffee plantations in India, El Savlvador and Brazil to source the perfect blend of coffee.

Over 80% of your coffee costs go directly to protecting nature, habitats and to local communities farming coffee.

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