Flying Fox

A full-body blend from Indonesian Sumatra with a subtle, rich flavour and hints of spice.




Indonesian Coffee

One of the top 4 largest coffee producers in the world, Indonesia offers some of the worlds finest coffee flavours.

Sumatra has the earliest harvest season in Indonesia due to its location as the northwestern-most island, with several regions producing speciality coffee beans.

Our Flying Fox coffee is grown near Lake Toba which is the largest volcanic lake in the world.

A Mandheling style coffee it has become synonymous with Sumatran coffee; spicy, complex and syrupy. Almost all of the coffee from Sumatra is processed in the traditional Giling Basah method, meaning a huge body and a spicy aroma with hints of tobacco.

Coffees from Indonesia produce low acidity and high bodied profile.

About Flying Foxes

The Flying fox, also known as the fox bat, is a type of bat with around 65 individual species.

Found in the tropical islands from Indonesia to Madagascar and even in Australia. The largest bats in the world; some have a wingspan of 5 feet, with a head and body length of about 40 cm.

Find out more about Flying Foxes.

Our Coffee Ethos

Over the past 3 years, we worked with local coffee plantations in Indonesia to source the perfect Sumatran coffee.

Over 80% of your coffee costs go directly to protecting nature, habitats and to local communities farming coffee in Indonesian Sumatra.

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