A wholesale coffee partnership with Flying Mammal is much more than just great tasting coffee. It’s about supporting your business to grow while offering the finest product range at the best prices possible without compromising on quality.

We specialise in supplying top quality coffee beans and coffee ingredients to coffee shops, delis, bistros or restaurants.

Wholesale Coffee

Flying Mammal Coffee is a wholesale coffee supplier and roaster based in Staffordshire that specialises in wholesale coffee beans, espresso and teas.

Wholesale Coffee is for everyone. Meaning you don’t need to be a larger coffee shop chain to partner with us. We supply solutions to suit your business, from catering vans and market sellers to local coffee shops and even online retailers.

We are truly passionate about speciality coffee. Our focus is on supplying bulk buy and wholesale coffee products to like-minded coffee people in the UK.

We work with coffee shops, delis, bistros and restaurants all over the UK and also supply bulk buy coffee products to people at home.

We are passionate about supplying the highest quality coffee to our partners. We have been supplying outstanding quality coffee at a competitive price. We work hard to source the finest coffee beans and then develop and roast these coffees for the perfect single-origin blends.

Passionate about customer service

Flying Mammal is a small family-run business and has a passion for looking after our customers.

Coffee development & private blends

Together with you, we can work on your coffee. At Flying Mammal Coffee, will do our best to find you a coffee that suits you and your business. As a wholesale coffee roaster, we can help you develop and supply fresh delicious coffee to create your own special blend.


As a wholesale coffee supplier, we are able to supply high-quality espresso machines for your business. We believe that the best equipment makes running a barista business easier whilst at the same time helping to deliver amazing coffee to your customers.